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Deer Management

Having established the first commercial venison farm in Europe - and written in Fletcher's Game a readable account of the trials and tribulations that involved - John is well equipped to provide consultancy and deer veterinary services at home and abroad.

He is frequently called on to dart and transport deer within the UK and in addition specializes in the transport and supply of deer breeding stock.

Reediehill has exported deer for breeding throughout the wrold including several hundred deer hinds to Latvia and Poland during the last few years/

Deer Parks

Fletchers are widely experienced in establishing, developing and improving deer parks, commercial farms, hunting parks and deer based tourism projects.

Dr John Fletcher is probably the UK's leading expert in the design of deer parks.

Fletchers' expertise is in the management, production, capture, transport, promotion and marketing of breeding stock, venison and related products.

Fletchers specialise in supplying the very best quality deer breeding stock with the most suitable genetics and livestock semen or embryos to customers all over the world.

Our deer, still reaching the parts that other deer don't....

Deer Handling Systems

Fletchers can design and install the very best and most up-to-date customised deer handling systems including mechanical or hydraulic crushes, computer linked weighing systems, fencing etc.

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